On Knowing Thyself & Thy Energy Style

Em, I read your post about pondering unconventional relationship dynamics during the temporal Bermuda triangle that is the week between the 25th of December and the 1st of January. To borrow language from generation z, it hit me “right in the feels.” In part — and please excuse the slightly schmaltzy digression — it isContinue reading “On Knowing Thyself & Thy Energy Style”

Dating: Like Weddings, Require More Liquid than Necessary

Ooof. That is the exact noise I made when I read your last post and learned that you have gotten 2 significant relationships out of 150 online dates. To be clear, I’m impressed. I also strongly feel like all the dating apps you’ve ever used should pool together to send you a gift basket. BecauseContinue reading “Dating: Like Weddings, Require More Liquid than Necessary”

Shuddering Souls and Meeting People IRL

Dear Emily, In your last post, you asked whether or not you were heartless for not being empathetic when a date prioritized his dogs over you, and it kind of made my soul shudder. Can a pet enrich someone’s life? No doubt. Are dogs cute? Sure. But, let’s do some math here. If 1 humanContinue reading “Shuddering Souls and Meeting People IRL”

“He eats his peas one at a time”: Is finding a mate really all about pheromones?

Dear Kelsey, A recent dating escapade involved a handful of dates with a dude I legitimately felt I could be into. Banter was good, he was really smart and successful and had an astonishing amount of muscle mass.  Alas, something I couldn’t explain held me back. I wasn’t able to put my finger on what itContinue reading ““He eats his peas one at a time”: Is finding a mate really all about pheromones?”